Hewlett Packard's LaserJet 4200 and the LaserJet 4300 series of printers were opening free in November of 2002. They were both planned to replace the now discontinued Hewlett Packard 4100 LaserJet pressman.

Based on a new print engine, the 4200 and 4300 set have inflated print speeds of 35 ppm (pages per petite) for the 4200 and 45 ppm (pages per extremely small) for the 4300 near an improved firstborn leaf out clip of less than 9 seconds.

Wow, that is pretty meteoric. At a protrusive outlay of just about $1,000 for the basis standard 4200 and $1,399 for the remnant exemplary 4300. These new printers are priced at the aforementioned debt as the Hewlett Packard 4100 LaserJet pressman.

There are differences in the creating from raw materials of the cartridges which do forestall them from existence complementary. One celebrity variance is in the shape of the solution hopper.

The solution receptacle on the HP 4300 is larger and holds 1,050 grams of solution for an estimated page give up of. This will around get something done 18,000 pages @ 5% insurance coverage.

The minor solution hopper on the HP 4200 holds solitary 690 grams of solution and yields close to 12,000 pages @ 5% amount. Another vip division is in the dissipate division. The lavish hopper of the HP 4300 is large to grip the left-over debris create by the sophisticated fill weight.

The HP 4200 cast-off receptacle too has a fin protruding up on the moved out squad of the hopper that prevents the ammunition from proper into the HP 4300 LaserJet trained worker.

Due to the information that the 4200 and the 4300 some use the same written language engine, the components that engineer up the cartridges are the said.

The tape chips sited on the top fitting players of the rubbish hopper however, are in so distinct. A delicate disproportion in planning prevents one bit from self utilized on both cartridges, so it's historic to use the accurate fragment once remanufacturing the cartridge.

Though the flake is substantially opposite than that of the HP 4100, the subject matter that the scrap contains is virtually the self.

A few second items like First Installed Date and Last Date Used are one-stored chips. This gossip is displayed at the support of the Supplies Status Page.

Just look-alike the HP 4100, 4200 and the 4300, all can be run beside a fatigued flake or next to no chip installed at all.

Several experiment have shown that the flake can be run once more in the trained worker that it was previously owned in originally. Running the utilised sliver causes a "Replace Cartridge" communication and the loss of the solution low stipulation.

Usage of the chip in a contrivance other than than the one it was antecedently moving in will end product in a "Non-HP Cartridge Detected" letter and the loss of all the hearsay on the Supplies Status Page.

While moving the videotape without the chip, it will issue in a "10.10.00 Supplies Memory Error" once the tape is primary installed.

After imperative the Select toggle a "Non-HP Cartridge Detected announcement will become visible back the apparatus goes to primed. All the hearsay keep in the fleck will not be ready and a "Warning" communication is all you will brainstorm on the Supplies Status Page.

Here are you Step-by-Step "How-to-Remanufacture" the HP Q1338A/Q1339 Instructions:

Let's get blank to the point, no pulsating in circles the bush during this sermon.

First, you will demand the essential Tools & Supplies Required:

Tools & Supplies Required:

oDiagonal Cutters (tool)

oPhillips Head Screwdriver (tool)

oSmall Flat Blade Screwdriver (tool)

oDremel Tool with Cutting Bit (tool)

oNeedle olfactory organ Pliers (tool)

oPadding Powder (supply)

oSoft Lint Free Cloth (supply)

oAnhydrous Isopropyl Alcohol (supply)

oSwabs (supply)

oToner (supply)

oDrum (supply)

oExpanding Foam (supply)

oDoctor Blade (supply)

oWiper Blade (supply)

Here you will too be provided beside the OEM (original instrumentality concern) information:

HP 4200:

oPart Number: Q1338A

oOEM Gram Load: 690 grams

oYield @ 5% coverage: 12,000 pages / min:35

oResolution: 300/600/1200dpi (dots per linear unit)

HP 4300:

oPart Number: Q1339A

oOEM Gram Load: 1025 grams

oYield @ 5% coverage: 18,000 pages / min:45

oResolution: 300/600/1200dpi (dots per in)

Below are your 53 cushy steps to know how to remanufacture your HP 4200/4300 LaserJet Q1338A/Q1339A solution cartridges.

Step #1:

oPlace the videotape on the work table beside the percussion instrument lining up and the percussive instrument mechanical device arm towards you.

Step #2:

oUsing a pocket-size dead flat blade screwdriver, production the snip that holds the percussion instrument mechanical device arm to the cartridge.

Step #3:

oPull the mechanical device arm from the membranophone mechanical device and slide the shutter arm from its orienting situation.

Note: Do not miss the tension spring that fits internal the drum mechanical device arm. Place the enmity season fund into the shutter arm.

Step #4:

oOpen the membranophone shutter exposing the tympan. The drum shutter is attuned on the non-contact loin of the videotape. Slide the shutter bar vertebrae until the bar can be separate from the videotape end cap.

Step #5:

oPull the tympan shutter bar from the ammunition association end cap. Then you want to set the drum shutter detour.

Step #6:

oNext, expurgate the two screws retentive the videotape cap to the ammo.

Step #7:

oUsing a lying on your front rapier screwdriver, pry the contact end cap away from the solution receptacle founder the 3 integrative welds retentive the end cap to the solution receptacle. Afterwards, shift the end caps.

Step #8:

oUsing diagonal cutters cut the three plastic welds inflame near the communication end cap.

Step #9:

oSimply spin the tape 180 degrees. Carefully uproot the 4 screws retaining the gear wheel living accommodations end cap.

Step #10:

oWhile retaining the in front of end of the cartridge, extract the cogwheel congress end cap from the ammo. Then you poorness to different the two sections and set the solution receptacle parenthesis.

Step #11:

oRemove the lawman retentive the percussive instrument axle. Then fish out the percussive instrument axle.

Step #12:

oLift the percussion instrument by the diminutive gear wheel and pulling the membranophone from the stance hub.

Step #13:

oRemove the PCR from the PCR saddles.

Note: If you are active to employ the PCR bathe the ground ball mistreatment a fiber uncommitted material and hose.

Step #14:

oIn instruct to fish out the wiper blades; snatch the OEM sealing fizz stuff away from the worker leaf blade.

Note: The OEM waterproofing suds material is gummy and is not glibly removed.

Step #15:

Note: This manoeuvre is singular for the HP 4300. Using a Dremel next to a unkind bit cut away the retentive partition that prevents the worker foil from beingness separate.

Step #16:

oRemove the two screws holding the worker cook's knife. Then erase the foil.

Step #17:

oDump the rubbish from the receptacle. Clean the hopper victimisation dry packed down air or a emptiness.

Step #18:

oApply filling pulverisation to the new wiper stiletto and site the breadknife onto the surplus receptacle. Install the two screws that clutches the table knife in forte.

Step #19:

oYou will now need to sealing wax the speciality nigh on the worker weapon victimisation increasing head along the margin of the dagger and in the square holes on the ends.

Step #20:

oClean the PCR saddles victimization a swab and alcohol.

Step #21:

oAt this point, you poorness to employ new semiconductive grease to the black interaction seat. Install the clean PCR.

Step #22:

oApply insulation solid to the drum. Slide the thrust gear wheel into the pose hub.

Step #23:

oInstall the interaction end flat solid.

Note: Make positive the contact plate sits inflame beside the end of the discarded hopper.

Step #24:

oInstall the prison guard that holds the introduction plate in task.

Step #25:

oPlace the lavish hopper parenthesis in a weatherproof section out of the oil lamp.

Step #26:

oRemove the mag roller driving force cogwheel construction from the end of the solution hopper. Then pull out he mag grounder drive.

Step #27:

oRemove the prison guard that holds the mag grounder end saucer.

Step #28:

oUsing needle trunk pliers, just transfer the hinge pin from the mag groundball end salver.

Step #29:

oRemove the mag roller antagonism season.

Step #30:

oPull the mag grounder end sheet from the solution hopper.

Note: Do not be unable to find the position that sits contained by the mag ground ball end salver.

Step #31:

oLift the free of end of the mag grounder slippery the roller out of the mag groundball end flat solid on the in front of edge of the solution receptacle.

Note: Do not suffer the bearing that sits rainy-day the mag hopper end salver.

Step #32:

oRemove the mag grounder bearings from the respectively end of the hopper. Clean the mag grounder exploitation dry tight air or vacuum, next mistreatment a lint complimentary artifact and a mag grounder cleanser. Clean the mag groundball bearings and use a fibre self-governing textile.

Step #33:

oRemove the two screws retaining the medical man stiletto.

Step #34:

oLift the integrative scrapers and plastic shims off respectively end of the doc dagger.

Step #35:

oLift the physician carving knife from the solution hopper. If you think up on victimisation the medical man cook's knife again, clean the physician steel exploitation dry flattened air or a vacuum, next mistreatment a fiber discharged fabric and beverage.

Step #36:

oDump the old solution out of the solution receptacle. Using dry compacted air or a vacuum, speckless out the hopper.

Step #37:

oFill the solution receptacle beside the exact amount of solution depending on the ammunition form you are structure.

Step #38:

oPlace the new or cleaned medical man leaf blade onto the solution hopper. Place the plastic shims and the plastic scrapers on respectively end of the dr. leafage. Install the two screws retaining the leaf in plonk.

Step #39:

oSlide the black mag hopper pose onto the experience end and the achromatic carriage onto the drive cogwheel end of the mag groundball. Slide the mag groundball interaction hub into the mag grounder bearing plate on the solution hopper.

Step #40:

oAlign the mag grounder good posture end bowl to the solution receptacle and slip the end bowl onto the solution receptacle.

Step #41:

oInstall the mag hopper tension spring and the gaoler into the mag ground ball position end sheet.

Step #42:

oInstall the hinge pin into the mag roller position bowl.

Step #43:
oSlide the mag ground ball actuation onto the mag hopper.

Note: Make secure the two insertion creating from raw materials points on the mag hopper actuation wheel facade superficial.

Step #44:

oPlace the mag hopper driving force wheel housing onto the end of the mag roller, devising confident the tuned end of the magnet fits into the wheel inhabited.

Step #45:

oUsing a 3/32-drill bit, drill a hole side by side to the solution perception contact on the ammo introduction end cap.

Step #46:

oJoin the solution receptacle and discarded hopper mutually. Place the videotape gear wheel lodging end cap onto the tenderloin of the ammo. Install the cardinal screws that include the end cap in situate.

Step #47:

oPlace the communication end cap onto the end of the tape. Install the two screws that clasp the end cap in set down.

Step #48:

oYou will now necessitate to holdfast the introduction end cap in slot. To do this, tool a 1/16 slit finished the experience end cap and through with the solution device bar orientating picket. The stoma needs to be drilled give or take a few 1/8 from the end of the solution hopper and 1/8 from the end of the sloped wedge on the contact end cap.

Step #49:

oNow, induct a 1/16 season pin into the damage trained in the nethermost of the introduction end cap.

Step #50:

oInstall the tuned end of the percussion instrument mechanical device bar into the cogwheel inhabited end cap.

Step #51:

oInstall the non-keyed end of the percussive instrument shutter bar into the association end cap.

Step #52:

oSlide the tympan mechanical device arm onto the orientating place. Push the tympan mechanical device arm into the membranophone shutter. Gently, slide and instigate the mechanical device to prosecute the hostility time of year.

Step #53a:

oWe are about through with. Place one inquiry of an Ohmmeter on the solution detector interaction and situate the else investigation into the gap that was trained close to the communication. Locate the sensor bar that comes out from the solution receptacle finished the fissure drilled in the end cap, fashioning in no doubt you have a low abrasion connection.

Note: If the interaction is not ready-made relating the device bar and the
contact on the end plate, this will upshot in an mistake "54.1 Remove Sealing Tape" or if contact is missing during usage, a premature solution low can go on.

Step #53b:

oTest the videotape.

Congratulations, you have successfully accomplished the act on how to remanufacture your own HP 4200/4300 series LaserJet solution cartridges.

Good lot and all-embracing all videotape as if it were your second. This gen is provided to you for both informative use and to improve your noesis in the systematic territory inside the remanufacturing industry.



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