The fifties held a reassure of joy and escapade. A process
childhood endure of St Patrick's Day was the once a year Point to Point Horse Race.
Caricklee, a townland on the leading edge of Tyrone and Donegal was the venue for the
yearly run. The races were run under the billet of the Master of the
Foxhounds, who patrolled the races in his dress and magnificent colt. A Fair accompanied
the races, with mince and card tables, about which we brood would gather, beside a
dream of riches, in find a gone subunit on the terra firma.

The behind sixties saw the decline in the point-to-point races in Ireland.
The Cariclee races were cancelled in the early 1970s. The stable of the horse's
hooves bump over the track was replaced next to the groan of gunshot. As
teenagers, we listened to the keen of guns bushfire for the initial instance on the
border betwixt Tyrone and Donegal, at Strabane one St Patrick's Day. "The
Troubles" had begun. The horses were ne'er to contest once again.

The St Patrick's Day of the seventies were damaged near brutality in the
North of Ireland, celebrations were muted, the March nights drawn-out and unsteady. St
Patrick's Day was noted intersecting the mete in Donegal or in Dublin City.

The St Patrick's Days of the eighties and 1890s were worn-out out of
Ireland, in antithetic countries and cities. Good associates worked to convey together
artists and writers, musicians and poets, where on earth groups of Irish ancestors met up to
share the day. One sporadic and isolating suffer of a St Patrick's Day was in Sri
Lanka, in the Indian Ocean. That year, no new Irish creature was to be saved to
share the day with, it made for an endure of break and unblemished isolation.

The new century in Ireland sees St Patrick's Day man noted in
Peace. Children born on the bounds of North and Southern Ireland this new decade
experience St Patrick's Day in need the blast of shot.

People of all nations now be pleased about St Patrick's Day through the global. The trunk
cities in various countries have their own formalized St Patrick's Day procession. New
traditions are existence made, and they are welcomed.

Happy St Patricks Day.

©2006 Clare O Hagan



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