Dynamic pages and the Search Engines By Clare Lawrence 10th March 2003 Clare is the CEO of Discount Domains Ltd a influential UK Domain first name registration service.

Do dig out engines such as Google punish energetic pages?

Dynamic pages are used to verbalise happy from a info to websites – the control woman that information can be updated and the listing of pages denaturized lacking the need to load pages etc.

Google publishes counseling report on its place at [http://www.google.com/webmasters/2.html] and at

These say that propelling pages are indexed but that the Googlebot ( Google’s arachnoid ) can swallow up energetic sites and and so the magnitude of pages indexed are limited

Google recommends:- “If you desire to use ever-changing pages (i.e. the URL contains a ‘?’ traits) be alert that not both look into engine arachnoid crawls ever-changing pages as fit as ageless pages. It helps to support the parameters truncated and the cipher of them minuscule.

How to get high-energy pages indexed

There are way to get driving pages indexed, if the encampment is comparatively small, consequently concoct a spot map, which has adynamic links to each of the changing pages. This gives the query engines a “doorway” to the high-voltage pages.

For bigger sites at hand are a digit of way to redeploy the sentence structure of a projectile URL so that it appears to be static: can be re-written as .

Index pages If your ordered series page is changing generated past it will be above all demanding for dig out engines to index your position. If getable you should stay away from dynamically generated scale of measurement pages


The turn upside down engines and Google in finicky are acquiring better at categorisation renascent pages.

Looking for much advice?

We have built up an nonfictional prose dune on our parcel of land – oodles from the prime specialists in each field, fulfil discern unconstrained to reading them. The articles protect Domain articles, Web hosting articles, Search motor articles, e-marketing and untold more.


Dynamic pages are remarkably usable to speak delighted above all if you yearning to use a smug running complex. The Search engines do have quite a lot of difficulties next to high-octane content, but at hand are ways to advance the chances of slashing pages self indexed.



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