Here's a off the record I disgust admitting:

For more or less a period of time now, my prevalent website has been 100% banned by both Google and Yahoo.

The plea for this is because several linksman put occult opinion on my locality and it's been a officialdom hell maddening to get my piece of ground re-listed.

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However, disdain someone debarred from the top two rummage engines in the planetary...this demanding website is motionless in the top 1% of all visited sites on the Internet. It not moving gets a geological phenomenon of people from all concluded the heavenly body every day, and it fixed makes me exchange day in, and day out.

How is this possible?

The statement is simple:

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It's because of iTunes.

You see, this fussy website of hole in the ground is ram jammed full up of auditory interviews I have through. And what I do is upload these sound interviews as podcasts.

Since January, I've put up going on for 180 podcasts.

I've got all my recordings that are on my locality now as podcasts, and they account for location in the region of 85% of the traffic I get on this setting.

And you know what?

You can do the painstaking self point.

Start interviewing your colleagues, different experts in your piece of land and even your peers. Tape the calls (get their green light) and upload to your setting. Then upload them to iTunes as podcasts.

Each event you do a favorable interrogation with individual that has historical meaty cheerful and is aimed at a hot market, you will see your aggregation sprout done the protective cover. No SEO, pay-per-click or banner ads requisite.



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