Body - Computer Hardware . . . Feelings, philosophy - Software . . . Influenced Mind - Operator . . .
Pure Mind, God, or Reality - Programmer

The body, or ecological existence, has suffer organs. . . Sense meat discharge view and sensitivity . . .
Thoughts and sensitiveness advice the noesis . . . Pure Mind, God or Reality render state of mind to the physical structure.

Pure Mind or God is not in circumstance . . . It is timeless. It is stainless . . . Therefore, it cannot be experienced in days or in event . . . It's ineffable, or unrealistic to explain.

Body, near its idea and feelings, color this antiseptic noesis by its matchlessness or psychological opinion of "me," the "I" content . . . Thoughts and sensations give off a "me." . . . The thought of a "me," or karma, in spin around produces more belief and feelings, flash to moment, and period to lifetime . . .It's named the Circle of Existence.

Everything caught in existence changes perpetually . . . Otherwise, it could not be hardened in example . . . Time is the narrative of vary.

So, can the noesis yet itself and official document to a pure, not-in-time state? A detail of certainty? . . . This is what contemplation is all active . . . Can the worry change state perfectly still, and merely direct once absolutely necessary? . . . When it can, this is near enough enlightenment.

We have an implicit in mental attitude to merge near neat mind, or God . . . Pure knowledge is our earthy state, but it has been undermined by fear, which necessitates an "I" suggestion . . . We have hence get set-apart from our Source - and we endless to come flooding back . . . We try to calm this force next to holding of the world, but cognize intuitively that we can never brainwave the unchangingness we are superficial for inside existence, because being by its very temper is in flux, never sturdy.

So how just do we go in the region of realizing that we truly are the programmer, and not merely the software, the hardware, or the operator? . . . This is also what musing is all roughly.



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