Kafka lands resurrected in Crewe
deposited by a silverish extrinsic craft,
And whilst he is questioning what to do
He is asked to support his pass
Or pay an instant one off fine
At a hard currency dispenser of his choice
And they are checking all the time
On his irises obverse and sound.

And of course of instruction they brainwave that he is not,
They notice he simply cannot be there,
Although he seems as if he is visible,
And has custody and toes and hair,
If he is not on the Great Data Bank,
He austerely and just cannot be,
He is not listed and he is not ranked
He is sure enough not close to you and me.

So they bunk confine him in custody
But they do not have to let him go
He never ever happened, period
So who can ever tell, or cognize.
So on a unaccompanied slab in inactive shade
He sits alone and unremarked,
Wondering what games they play,
Against the milieu of the parcel.

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Other than traditionally staminate interests
Somebody a lift longest

And so, are we right the opposite,
Are we all consigned to disguised files,
Are machines crucial who we are,
Where we live, and once we smile,
Is zero a certain and concrete fact,
Unless electronic computer correlated true,
And should your written account go into error,
How can you prove, you are truly you.

How do you support yourself for a loan,
If your top-level gets compromised,
How do you upturn all their data,
Making you a unfortunate person in others eyes,
You may grab post of validity,
They may grudgingly cognize its you,
Unless their set of laws grants absolution,
There is goose egg they can say or do.

So unless we are nonsubjective as sound,
And our doll assuages Superhal,
No one will of all time trust us again,
No one will of all time privation to be our pal,
But this is not suchlike yesteryear,
When a quick question clear-cut your name,
Your questions are barely registered,
And you of late get told how to carry on.

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Now to cognise this

Complaints are collated and quantified,
They are crosswise filed and referenced,
You must never lose this number,
And you essential ne'er whip offence,
You are everlastingly adjourned,
Or captive to yet different floor,
In the belief that you will falter,
From all that has gone before.

Meanwhile youre mugged, not statistically,
Contract MRSA, but its not on file,
Your brood cannot publication or write,
But their testimonial hike a smile,
You ever hit potholes that dont exist,
To prevention ready on trains that dont arrive,
But whose flexitimes turn out you missed,
The single one after-hours out of 50 cardinal.

You cry out to be heard aloud,
But the echoes deride your voice,
You cannot spend the telephone,
Cant circumferential implemented menus of choice,
Cannot introduction a separate human being,
By department, describe or reason,
All this evolved resembling a wet tap,
Season upon big male sibling period of time.

Then one day walking in solitude,
Your will to try about quenched,
There is the faint of the fly-by-night park,
There is the man upon the bench,
Who looks at you knowingly,
And asks you if you ever read,
And says Then I am Kafka,
You Must Tell Me What You Need.

So He went up to their doors,
The Nameless Man next to Faceless Face,
And bearded them in their holy den,
Their lavish revered and sacred place,
And caused staring consternation,
As he any was not really there,
Or indeed in reality really existed,
Solidly seated taciturn in his bench.

So they asked him what he would want,
If he were material and not specified illusion,
For his air was so inopportune,
His frontage and features causation confusion,
His DNA was an embarrassment,
Never born, nor listed, nor created,
Never taxed, treated, nor arrested,
Never unloading a non educational activity.

So he stood up to his to the top height,
And role player up his deepest breath,
That made him give the impression of being immortal,
And ready-made them all the creeps death,
And his mighty voice resounded,
So untold the walls maintained his words,
We want to be individuals again
We impoverishment to verbalize and to be heard,
We poorness our sound to genuinely matter,
And we impoverishment to hear no more lies,
We poverty vision swept away,
Replaced by executive committee of the wise,
We poorness prevailing sense to prevail,
And not applied math subterfuge,
Which tries to speak about us its all ok,
When we cognize it must improve,
We poverty you to give up and take,
Your machines and Mandarins away,
And we impoverishment it done immediately,
Oh Yes, we want it finished present.

Or other I will spark in first time,
And after all will see its me,
The man who is not Kafka,
The man who simply cannot be,
Then wherever will your acceptance go,
Will they ever perceive to your pleas.
No, far in good health for you to go now,
And quit veracity to me.

And they went away in disarray,
Whilst he publicised a new era,
No one knew who the snake pit he was,
But yet everything seemed clearer,
Everything was as it appeared,
Nothing hidden, no more of the lies,
And no one filed his disappearance,
When he at length vanished our skies.

They can media us its always fine,
Statistic be what cannot be true,
They can try to justify their lies,
Attempt to atomiser precedent in two,
They may comprehend us all as fools,
Force fed on untrue cleansing agent opera goals,
But cannot forever custody our minds,
Nor take as fact they own our souls,
For Long possession lies have multiplied,
And now are ringing desolate and hollow,
What seemed so okay yesterday
Will be disproved upon the morrow,
And with these relentless lies surfacing,
Just Like The Man Who Could Not Be,
The fact will progressively become visible,
And the evidence will set us free of charge.



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