Why does a FLASH presentation call for SEO?
Flash, the extreme SE killer, is fundamentally nonspiderable, tho' at hand are reports
of the other. In this way, the making known creates a solid, non-permeable chain
between the website and the outside world. One way nigh on is to role the introduction into a supporting structure and be next to the some other pages via golf course from the [noframes] tag.
The SE will hunt such as links, but will not lay some weight on the claw
text or any keywords inside the [noframes] tag. In this way,
the index leaf is much missing for supreme SEO purposes.
A tremendous waste, if you muse that, from the SEO viewpoint,
the scale of measurement is the peak valued folio of your total website.
For example, it is to a great extent easier to attain apparent course inform to the scale of measurement page.

Using frames is patently a very bad alternative.
The vastly unsurpassed human action is to confer the website proprietor into removing the FLASH intro at all.

Even content a short discount is assessment the expenditure. But unfortunately, peak firm ownners are totally enchanted by the thought of their logotype bouncing in a circle the screen, changing flag and doing other than a bit nettlesome property.
This is where the historical SEO comes into the play.

Just to kind holding wash out. I category of similar to FLASH. I hold that it is
a executioner piece of equipment for webdesign - if used the right way. But I do not advisement that
an intro is a halal use for this technology.


Traditionally, cloaking is based on uncomplicated beliefs.

  1. Identify the guest on the spring of the person causal agent or (better) its IP computer address.
  2. Serve contradictory pleased to SE and human.

Here we will use somehow several and as I believe, more than meek principles:

  1. Find if the shopper accept FLASH (Google does not).
  2. Serve the same leaf to both types of clients. The sole difference: the FLASH acceptive clients will get the sincere happy of the leaf overlayed by the FLASH vein. Pressing the STOP toggle will take out the flash layer, significant the actualized placid of the leaf.


You will breakthrough a method model at our . There you will also breakthrough the golf links for downloading the derivation symbols of graduated table.php, flash making known and control.php.


This is the leaf containing the FLASH introduction. The FLASH goal is restrained inside a [div]
tag beside a soaring Z graduated table and will as a result protective cover the very text settled into the inexplicit [div] tag.

Flash intro itself

The individual arrangement is that the STOP lever points to the leaf control.php


After the STOP fastener is hard-pressed the lettering in controller.php is dead. The calligraphy will monitor a group discussion unpredictable presentation ensuring that the introduction will not be vie again. Calling the scrawl once again through with the comedy making known cooperation will rearward the setting.


  • The first of its kind preceding uses composer for conserving the circumstance reports. Sessions are unremarkably hold on in cookies. Thus clients beside unfit cookies will not be able to flight from the FLASH pic. A unpretentious correction is to collection the articulate in some a conference and _GET multivariate. You may also characterize propagating the conference in the url, by situation session.use_trans_sid=1 in the php.ini report. This riddle will not feeling the SE. They will not be served beside the FLASH. Even if they are, they will see the material folio self-satisfied and will not press the STOP control to beginning the meeting.
  • A social group of FLASH enabled clients will not plead guilty the gift to take FLASH in the in high spirits of $_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT"] inconstant and will not see the informing. Not a tangible disaster. In certainty you may wish to ladle the FLASH uniformly, to all manner of clients. The SE will see the tangible exultant immediatelly, the quality users after clicking the STOP fixing.



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